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Mittwoch 24. Arpil 24 - 20:00 Uhr

    "ONE LIFE"

Sir Nicholas Nicky Winton, a young London realtor, saved 669 children from the Nazis in the months before World War II. In December 1938, Nicky visited Prague and met families who had fled the rise of the Nazis in Germany and Austria. They lived in desperate conditions, had little shelter or food and were threatened by a Nazi invasion. Nicky immediately realized that it was a race against time. How many children were he and his team able to save before the borders were closed? 50 years later, in 1988, Nicky was plagued by the fate of the children he had failed to bring to safety, and he repeatedly blamed himself for not doing more. But when he appeared on the BBC television show That´s Life! When he meets some of the surviving children, now adults, he begins to confront his guilt and long-standing grief.

Mittwoch 01. Mai 2024 - 20:00 Uhr


London at the beginning of the 2000s: The talented singer and musician Amy Winehouse finds her stage in the clubs of Camden. She inspires the audience with her songs, her extraordinary voice and her unique charisma. Music fans and talent scouts quickly become aware of her and her meteoric rise into the pop heaven begins, but fame has its price... !!

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